Hop Profile: Sorachi Ace

Sorachi Ace is a Japanese dual-use, high alpha acid hop (16.5%). It gained popularity in 2008 when North American hops were in short supply and after Brooklyn Brewery developed their Saison, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace.

This hop lends flavours and aromas of lemon and dill. It’s ancestry is of Brewer’s Gold and Saaz. It’s recommended for Saisons and IPAs but why not try a ‘summer stout’. The zesty lemon could really compliment those roasted coffee notes. Experimentation! That’s what homebrewing is all about.

Sorachi Ace hops are available at Barley’s in 1 oz packages

Sorachi Ace Hops are available at Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies

For a full list of hops in our inventory, please click HERE


One thought on “Hop Profile: Sorachi Ace

  1. Used these in an Imperial Red Ale. Like no other hop I’ve tried before! Will try to find something else to chuck these in 🙂

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