Stir Plate Workshop

Build Your Own Stir Plate

Thursday April 18th at 7:30PM

Cost = $40.00. Please pay in advance as space and materials are limited
$40 covers the cost of materials. When you show up to the workshop, all of the tools and materials will be available and everyone will go home with their own stir plate.
Stir Plate for yeast starters
Stir Plate for yeast starters

So what is a stir plate?

A stir plate is a handy little contraption that will continuously stir a yeast starter using a little motor and some magnets. The stirring action pulls oxygen into the starter, keeping the yeast active and healthy.
Making a yeast starter is a great way to improve your homebrew. It gives the yeast has a chance to reproduce before being pitched into your wort. You start with a much greater volume of yeast, which is actively growing. The wort can start fermenting in as little as one hour, reducing the overall fermentation time of your ale or lager. As a result, there is less chance of getting an infected wort. The general consensus that, by using a yeast starter, you will increase the flavour and overall quality of your beer.

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