Wet Hopping

The season for wet hopping is upon us. What does that mean?

Wet hops, also called fresh hops, are freshly picked from the bine and used immediately. They are not dried or processed in any way. Many people agree that the use of wet hops lends a more vibrant, fresher aroma and flavour to a beer. A number of local breweries employ the technique of wet hopping including Driftwood Brewery with their Sartori Harvest IPA, which has been received positively from the local beer-geek/ hop-head community. Other breweries experimenting with Wet hops include Hoyne, Phillips, Townsite, Salt Spring Island Ales and Granville Island. If you want to try your hand at some wet-hopped homebrew, this is the only time of year to make it happen.

Some things to consider:

  • Wet hops, as the name suggests, contain a great deal more water than their dried counterpart. If you’re aiming for a target AAU, you’ll have to multiply the amount of hops you use by about six times. The extra water also means you may have to compensate with extra malt to hit your target OG.
  • Wet hops are ideally suited for late boil additions and, ironically, dry hopping. If you’re only dry hopping with wet hops, you don’t have to concern yourself with using extra in order to get your IBUs
  • Wet hops need to be used as soon as possible. They can be stored in the fridge but should be used within 4 days. Remember, it’s all about freshness!


Hops will come directly from the B.C. local, HOOH (Harvesters Of Organic Hops) including the Bitterbine Hop Farm in Lilooet. Keep in mind that the different varieties of hop mature and are harvested at different times. You can order any of the following by the ounce:

Early September Hops:

  • Centennial
  • Fuggles
  • Willamette
  • Golding
  • Hallertau
  • Sterling

Mid September Hops:

  • Cascade
  • Nugget
  • Magnum
  • Chinook
  • Mt Hood
  • Galena

All varieties cost $1.25/oz and must be paid in full before the harvest.

Orders can be paid for in person at Barley’s or by phone at 604 553 1941.


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