34 L Kettle/Mash Tun Set

Now save 5% on your set with the purchase of a 34 L pot

Brew Kettle 2

Put together what you need with a variety of stainless steel fittings including kettle screens, false bottoms, barbs, ball valves, couplers, o-rings, nuts, washers, threaded thermometers and sight gauges.

Whether you want a standard Brew Kettle or a pimped out mash tun, Barley’s has the fittings you need to make it happen. The price ranges from $142 for a pot with a ball valve set up to $280 for “The Works”! Either way, save 5% on the set.

Brew Kettle 1


  • 34 L pot – $110
  • 3 piece stainless steel ball valve – $22.00
  • 1/2 inch barb – $6.75
  • 12 inch bazooka screen – $15.75
  • 2 inch probe threaded thermometer – $19.00

Total: $173.50 – 5% discount = $164.80 + tax

Find a full price list HERE


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