Saturday Feb 21st: Customer Appreciation Sale

On Saturday February 21st,

Barley’s invites you to enjoy a 25% discount on hops and grain.

Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies has just celebrated it’s second anniversary and we’re having a sale to show our appreciation for the support we’ve received from the local homebrewing community! This is our second annual sale on hops and grain. Last year we offered a 20% discount and this year, we’re upping it to 25%!

For those of you who have your own mill and like to maintain an inventory, this is an opportunity to stock up on some specialty grains. Or stock up your freezer with hops so you can brew what you want, when you want.

Check our inventory page for a full list of available HOPS and GRAIN

*Please not that this sale applies to hops and grain only and does not include malt extract.

*Hop purchases will be limited to 8oz per variety per customer


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