New Hop Varietals

Not to be outdone by the increasingly popular Southern Hemisphere hop varieties, Germany is retaliating with some exciting new hops of their own! Barley’s recently acquired some very interesting new hops in 1 oz packages:

Hop Pellets

Hallertau Blanc (7.3%):

Floral and fruity with passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineapple, grape and lemongrass overtones. I’d like to use it in an all Brett IPA but I can think of several other styles to showcase this hop.

Hüll Melon (5.2%):

Intensely fruity aroma and flavour, described as honeydew melon and strawberry. I’m thinking it could work in a summer Hefeweizen or Blonde Ale.

Mandarina Bavaria (7.2%):

Distinctly tangerine and citrus with a resinous, herbal finish. Anyone for and Orange Chocolate Porter or Stout? Maybe a Saison or Belgian Wit?


The above varieties are priced at $3.90 / 1 oz package and with alpha acids lower than many American comparisons, it might be wise to reserve them for late additions and dry hopping to really showcase the aromas and flavours.


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