New in Stock

Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? We have some new stock that might do the trick!

Stainless Steel Growlers

Stainless Steel Growlers (64oz) – $29

Erlenmeyer Flask

Barley’s now carries 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks ($50) in addition to 2L ($25), 1L ($15) and 250ml ($6.90)

Brewing Books

We’re stocked up with some new books, including “Malt – A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse” and “Modern Homebrew Recipes”

16 gallon Pot16 Gal Pot graduation

16 Gallon Brew Kettles.

These stainless steel pots come with a thermometer and 3-piece ball valve AND it has graduated volume markers from 1 to 14 gallons.


Used Ball Lock Corny Kegs

Used ball lock kegs are back in stock!


These have all been pressure tested but we highly recommend changing the o-rings. Poppets may also need replacing.


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