Cloning Competition #4: Dageraad Amber

Here we go! Our next cloning competition will be for Dageraad Brewing’s Amber Ale:

Dageraad’s Amber Ale is:
A flavourful, balanced Belgian pale ale with an enticing aroma and a crisp finish.
Alcohol per volume: 6%
Ingredients: Malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast, water.

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is brew it! Or at least something similar. Start brewing now! The deadline will be in early September, but we’ll get more specific as that time draws nearer. Your beer will be judged by Dageraad brewer, Ben Coli, himself. He’ll decide which entry comes closest to the original an the winner will get to brew with the team at Dageraad for a day. If that’s not motivation enough, Ben had this to say:

“People are going to &%$@#*! kill themselves trying to brew that beer and nobody’s going to come close. They might make something good, maybe even something better, but they’re not going to brew anything that tastes like Amber.”

Challenge accepted!!

Update: The deadline is Thursday September 17th


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