Cloning Competition #5: Steel & Oak Dry Hopped ESB!

I’m excited to announce our next homebrew clone competition! This time, the challenge is to clone the wonderful,

Dry Hopped ESB from New Westminster’s own, Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Use whatever methods you have at your disposal to brew an ESB similar to the one Steel & Oak makes. Bring your beer to our competition event to be judged by S&O Co-owner, Jorden Foss and Brewer, Eric Moutal. Your beer will be judged purely based on it’s similarity to the S&O ESB. The winner gets to spend a day helping out at the brewery and, of course, there’s the bragging rights.

The deadline and the competition event will be held on Thursday May 19th


Steel & Oak’s Dry Hopped ESB:

ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 40
This West Coast take on the traditional Extra Special Bitter imparts a bright aroma of citrus and grapefruit. A well balanced decent of malt and toffee notes is accompanied by a lasting bitterness that leaves you craving the next sip

…You’ll have to figure out the rest on your own!


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