New Grain Options!

We have expanded our malts and grain section to include the following:

Briess Midnight Wheat

  • With a Lovibond of 550, Midnight Wheat from Briess contributes deep, rich brown and black tones without bitter, astringent, dry flavours or aftertaste. It can be used as a replacement for debittered black malt. It is described as the smoothest of the roasted malts with a sweet start and an exceptionally clean finish. Recommended for Schwarzbier, dark lager, black ale or any time you want to add that dark colour without contributing bitter flavours or aftertaste.

Gambrinus Honey Malt

  • With intense malt sweetness, Honey Malt has been patterned after German Bruhmalt and is well suited for use in brown ale and strong ale, among others.

Franco Belges Kiln Coffee Malt

  • A dark roasted aromatic malt with subtle flavours of coffee and chocolate.

Flaked Rice

  • Mash-ready rice flakes will provide a light, crisp finish to your beer. Can be  used in amounts of up to 25% of grist total.

Flaked Rye

  • Mash-ready rye flakes will lend a dry, crisp character and a strong rye flavor. Infrared roasting gives these flakes their unique toasted flavor. Can be used in amounts of up to 20% of grist total, but 5-10% is preferred.


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