CannaBeer Competition

How long will it be until we see some commercially produced Cannabis-beer for sale in Canada? The race is on! And, as always, I expect homebrewers will lead the way in craft beer innovation.

Any thoughts on combining your favourite herb (or maybe second to its cousin, Hops) with your favourite beverage? Dry-budding? Are we looking for flavour? aroma? THC effects? Time for some experimentation! How about a friendly competition?

No rush! Let’s set the deadline for sometime in January. Plenty of time to think about it and brew something. Please email if you are interested in participating and we’ll figure out the details as we go.

…I think “Brew Pot” just took on a new meaning.

PS> No, unfortunately Barley’s will not be selling marijuana. You’ll just have to find it elsewhere. I hear that’s getting easier to do!

Barley's Art Cannabis


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