Featured Item: Magnetic Stir Plate

Yeast Starters are a great way to save money on yeast. Both Wyeast and White Labs claim to have 100 billion cells per package. That might sound like a lot but the optimum pitch rate for a modest O.G. of 1.054 is considered to be 10 million cells/ml. That means 230 billion cells in a 23 L … Continue reading Featured Item: Magnetic Stir Plate

pH Testing

Father’s Day Gift Idea: pH Testing

Not many homebrewers test mash pH but it can actually have a big impact on the finished beer. pH meters are available at Barley's. Otherwise, some pH test strips can get the job done! Also helpful for testing the acidity of sour beers.

Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Recipe Launch

Join us on Thursday November 16th at 7 PM for Brewery Series #2: Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale This is a licensed beer tasting event (19+) and a unique opportunity for homebrewers to meet and greet with professionals in the Craft Beer industry. Yellow Dog Brewing has agreed to provide the recipe to their … Continue reading Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Recipe Launch

Beer Gas

Beer Gas!

Barley's Homebrewing Supplies now has a limited supply of 20 cubic foot (5 lb equivalent) Nitrogen Cylinders filled with a 75% N2 / 25% CO2 blend. This blend is also known as "Beer Gas" and is typically used for "Nitro" beers. The nitrogen makes the CO2 bubbles super small, which creates that classic creamy smooth … Continue reading Beer Gas!

Featured Item: Sorghum Syrup and Gluten Free Brewing

We can't all be lovers of gluten but we should all be able to enjoy delicious beer! For those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity, try White Sorghum Syrup mad from 100% naturally gluten free sorghum grain. White Sorghum Syrup is now available at Barley's in 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) jars. Rice Syrup Solids and Belgian Candi … Continue reading Featured Item: Sorghum Syrup and Gluten Free Brewing

Featured Item: The Trub Trapper

The Trub Trapper Trub, pronounced "troob" is mostly composed of fatty acids and various proteins. Historically, it has been recommended to leave behind the break material (trub) from the kettle before putting your wort into the fermenter for fear of off-flavours. Check out this experiment done by Brulosophy for an in-depth look at the effects … Continue reading Featured Item: The Trub Trapper

Wet Hop Pre-Order

This year we're ordering our fresh-off-the-bine "wet hops" from BC Hop Company http://www.bchop.ca/welcome.html We will only be getting Cascade hops this year. If you're interested, please place your order at Barley's (phone or email is OK) by Sunday September 6th. Hops should arrive on Friday September 11th but that date is subject to change. We'll … Continue reading Wet Hop Pre-Order


I'm very excited to announce a two-part event coming up as part of this year's BC Craft Beer Month: Sunday October 19th, 2014 at the River Market. 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster. Part I: Wort Day on the Quay: From 11am to 5pm, eight different homebrewers from Brew Westminster will be making eight different batches … Continue reading Hoptoberfest