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Six years of slingin' grain! Thanks for sticking with us. Cheers!


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Inkbird Controller

Featured Item: Inkbird Temperature Controller

The Inkbird dual stage temperature controller is easy to use and economical. It's perfect for home brewing. Control both heating and cooling, and set independent differentials for each to protect your heating and cooling devices. The Inkbird controller performs many of the same functions as the Ranco or Johnson but at a more affordable price, … Continue reading Featured Item: Inkbird Temperature Controller

Featured Item: Magnetic Stir Plate

Yeast Starters are a great way to save money on yeast. Both Wyeast and White Labs claim to have 100 billion cells per package. That might sound like a lot but the optimum pitch rate for a modest O.G. of 1.054 is considered to be 10 million cells/ml. That means 230 billion cells in a 23 L … Continue reading Featured Item: Magnetic Stir Plate