Sake Kit

Make Your Own Sake!

Koji (ie. Koji Kin, ie. Aspergillus oryzae) is a fungus (mold) used to saccharify rice for the making of sake. Koji Kin is now available at Barley's! You will also need some quality medium grain rice, citric acid and a wine yeast. Or pre-order Sake yeast from us. It is available from Wyeast or White Labs. Check out this Brew Your … Continue reading Make Your Own Sake!


Wine Kit Sale! April 19th to 21st

This weekend, from Friday April 19th to Sunday April 21st, Pick up a wine kit from Barley's for 20% off Who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine now and then? If you're already brewing your own beer at home, why not try wine? Chances are you already have all the equipment you need. Choose from … Continue reading Wine Kit Sale! April 19th to 21st