Safale K-97

New in Stock: Fermentis Safale K-97

Fermentis Safale K-97 is a dry yeast in the German Ale style. It's suitable for Kolsch and Alt beers but also used in Belgian Wheat styles. Now available at Barley's! Check out this great Post from the Brulosophy team about K-97!


Omega Yeast Pre-Order

Now is your chance to experiment with the increasingly popular Norwegian ale yeast (Kveik) strains available from Omega Yeast. Some of these amazing little buddies can ferment up to 37 C, so you can keep brewing during the next heat wave. Other fun strains to look at include the Brett blends and the Saisonstein's Monster … Continue reading Omega Yeast Pre-Order

Imperial Corporate

New Imperial Yeast

New from Imperial Organic Yeast: A30 Corporate Available through August 2018, Corporate is a Pacific Northwest favorite and is an excellent choice when making hop-forward American style beers. It’s the go-to for Brut IPAs, due to its clean fermentation profile and accentuation of hop flavor and aroma. Middle of the road flocculation and fairly wide … Continue reading New Imperial Yeast

New at Barley’s: Imperial Yeast

I'm very excited to announce that Barley's Homebrewing Supplies now carries Imperial Organic Yeast! This is a liquid yeast product that's packaged in a can. Imperial Organic Yeast packs a full 200 Billion cells into each can, twice that of most competing liquid yeast manufacturers. That means, in most cases, a yeast starter will be … Continue reading New at Barley’s: Imperial Yeast

White Labs Yeast Sale

We have too much yeast! We're having a sale on White Labs yeast this weekend from Friday August 14th to Sunday August 16th This weekend only, grab a vial of White Labs liquid yeast for just $4.75. There's no catch and no limits. Most of the yeast is still very fresh! We have plenty of … Continue reading White Labs Yeast Sale


The Following is an excerpt from Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition by Phil Markowski. (Currently available at Barley's): " Ask ten Belgian brewers, "what is a saison?'"and you'll likely get ten different answers. Nearly all will give a response that is tauntingly vague.    "it must be refreshing," some will say. "They … Continue reading Saison

Stir Plate Workshop

Build Your Own Stir Plate Thursday April 18th at 7:30PM Cost = $40.00. Please pay in advance as space and materials are limited $40 covers the cost of materials. When you show up to the workshop, all of the tools and materials will be available and everyone will go home with their own stir plate. … Continue reading Stir Plate Workshop