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Kombucha: $11/1 L or $4.75/12 oz.

Water Kefir: $10/1 L or $4.25/12 oz.

    • Sparkling Hibiscus – Water Kefir from Squamish Water Kefir:
      Made from water kefir culture, water, fair trade organic cane sugar, and hibiscus leaves
    • Chai Spiced Apple – Kombucha from Biota Fermentation:
    • Beauty – Kombucha from Hoochy Booch:
      White Tea, Lavender, mint.
    • Melon – Kombucha from Biota Fermentation:


What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha, (pronounced kum-boo-cha), is a living, slightly tart, carbonated tea beverage that’s low in sugar and rich in probiotics and other gut-supporting benefits. Kombucha is made by fermenting black or green tea, sugar, and a culture called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) for anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the level of tartness desired.

Because it is fermented, there will be a tiny amount of alcohol, however at 0.5% or less, it is considered a non-alcoholic beverage.

What is Water Kefir?

Similar to kombucha, kefir (pronounced kuh-feer) is a lightly fermented beverage made by fermenting sugar water with a kefir SCOBY. Unlike a kombucha SCOBY, water kefir SCOBY colonies look like small crystals! Water kefir also has many of the same positive benefits of Kombucha.