All Grain Brew Demo: Saturday Aug 25th

On Saturday August 25th, we'll be doing an all grain public brewing demonstration in the parking lot behind Barley's. Stop in between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM to check it out!

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Sapperton Day 2017

Sunday June 11th is Sapperton Day! Bring the whole family to the 400 Block of East Columbia Street (just outside Barley's front door!) We will be doing an all grain brewing demonstration for the occasion. Also enjoy: 10 AM Pancake Breakfast Market and Food Vendors Kids Activities Live Entertainment Free Giveaways Silent Auction Proceeds are … Continue reading Sapperton Day 2017

Mash King Brew Pot

Featured Item: 10 Gallon”Mash King” Stainless Steel Pot

These 10 Gallon heavy duty stainless steel kettles with tri-clad bottom include a three-piece ball valve and thermometer. They're perfect for brewing 23 L (6 US Gallon) all grain batches. We have just reduced the price from $219 to $199!

Sparge Arm

Featured Item: Sparge Arm

This stainless sparge arm features tiny laser-cut water holes which sprinkler the water into your grain bed. The 26" long by 4" wide white plastic mounting/hanging board has a hole in the center so the stainless sparge arm can be adjusted upwards or downwards. The stainless sparge arm is 11" long. Four feet of 3/8" … Continue reading Featured Item: Sparge Arm

New Stuff!

The Grainfather: An All-in-one electric all grain brewing system. $1099* The Grainfather comes complete with A temperature controller to go from mashing to boiling in the same vessel. Dial in your exact mash temperature for step mashing or single infusion. An interior grain basket for mashing. A magnetic drive pump to recirculate your wort. A … Continue reading New Stuff!

Malt Profile: Melanoidin

Weyermann Malting's Melanoidin Malt offers an accentuated malt presence. The flavour of this malt has been described as biscuity with a hint of sour dough. It results in improved flavour stability, fullness and rounding of beer colour. With a Lovibond range of 23 to 31, Melanoidin can offer a beautiful red hue without introducing the … Continue reading Malt Profile: Melanoidin

Mash Tuns

Assembled Mash Tun from a 10 Gallon water cooler: This mash/lauter tun is ready to use for your all-grain brewing. Includes a 12 inch stainless steel false bottom and a stainless steel ball valve set. $169

All-Grain Brewtorial

I'm excited to announce that Barley's will be hosting a two-part all-grain brewing tutorial! Part I: Thursday June 5th at 7:00pm Whether you're interested in starting to brew for the first time or if you just want to take that step from kits and extract to brewing will all grain, come join us for the … Continue reading All-Grain Brewtorial