Barley Club

If you're an all-grain brewer and want to save money on grain, the best way to do it is to buy in bulk. But not everyone has the space at home to store a grain mill and full sacks of malt. Consider our Barley Club as an alternative! With the Barley Club, you can purchase … Continue reading Barley Club


Malt Profile: Abbey Malt

Weyermann's Abbey Malt has a Lovibond range of 16 to 19. It's described as having a pronounced malty character with tones of honey and nuts. It has a sweet aroma, reminiscent of  freshly baked bread. With less intensity than Honey Malt and more aromatics than a Biscuit Malt, Abbey could be the solution to that … Continue reading Malt Profile: Abbey Malt

Didn’t we used to have a bike?

  Grain Mill: Level Up! Over the last 2 years, our pedal-powered grain mill has brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces but now we're taking a technological leap forward for the sake of progress and efficiency. Goodbye, Graincycle. You will be missed. But this bad-ass motorized mill comes just in time … Continue reading Didn’t we used to have a bike?

Saturday Feb 21st: Customer Appreciation Sale

On Saturday February 21st, Barley's invites you to enjoy a 25% discount on hops and grain. Barley's Homebrewing Supplies has just celebrated it's second anniversary and we're having a sale to show our appreciation for the support we've received from the local homebrewing community! This is our second annual sale on hops and grain. Last … Continue reading Saturday Feb 21st: Customer Appreciation Sale

Barley’s Barley Club

Barley's Homebrewing Supplies Introduces the new Barley's Barley Club program. With the Barley Club, you can take advantage of bulk grain discounts without having to store sacks of grain at home and without needing your own mill. Here's how it works: You can pay, up front, for a full sack (25 kg) of base malt … Continue reading Barley’s Barley Club

Malt Profile: CARAFA Special II

So what's CARAFA Special II, other than "Now available at Barley's"? Allow me to explain. What's CARAFA?: CARAFA is a proprietary name that Weyermann, a German maltster, gives to their chocolate roasted malt. What makes it Special?: The CARAFA Special line is made from dehusked barley. This is also known as "debittered". By removing the … Continue reading Malt Profile: CARAFA Special II

Malt Profile: Golden Promise

Golden Promise from Thomas Fawcett and Sons LTD is a traditional pale malt with a Lovibond value of 2.3 to 3.0. It is Grown in Scotland and produces sweet, mellow wort. Golden promise is excellent for both brewing and distilling. With a sweet, clean flavour, it is the Scottish equivalent of Maris Otter and considered … Continue reading Malt Profile: Golden Promise

Spent Grain: Getting the most of it.

Most people compost their spent grain after mashing an all grain batch of brew but think of all the delicious alternatives. Try using some of that spent grain in some baked goods! Here are some recipes I found: Really, the possibilities are endless. Let me know what recipes have worked for … Continue reading Spent Grain: Getting the most of it.