CannaBeer Competition

How long will it be until we see some commercially produced Cannabis-beer for sale in Canada? The race is on! And, as always, I expect homebrewers will lead the way in craft beer innovation. Any thoughts on combining your favourite herb (or maybe second to its cousin, Hops) with your favourite beverage? Dry-budding? Are we looking … Continue reading CannaBeer Competition

Used Corny Kegs

5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs

Used Ball lock Corny Keg Surplus! Looking to add more taps to your keg fridge? We're stocked up on used ball lock cornys and offering bulk discounts. 1 keg - $89 2 kegs - $84 each 4+ kegs - $79 each New to kegging? Check out our Keg Starter kit for $309 and say goodbye … Continue reading 5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs

Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Recipe Launch

Join us on Thursday November 16th at 7 PM for Brewery Series #2: Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale This is a licensed beer tasting event (19+) and a unique opportunity for homebrewers to meet and greet with professionals in the Craft Beer industry. Yellow Dog Brewing has agreed to provide the recipe to their … Continue reading Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Recipe Launch

Barley's Logo

Closed for Renovations

Barley's will be closed for renovations from Monday June 19th until Wednesday June 21st. We have some very exciting changes taking place! If everything goes according to plan, we should be reopening on Thursday June 22nd. Please check back for updates. We look forward to serving you in our (soon to be) new and improved … Continue reading Closed for Renovations

Featured Item: 16 Quart Jockey Box

Want to bring your keg with you but need to keep it cold? The Jockey Box is the solution. Fill the cooler with ice water and as the beer is dispensed through 60 feet of 5/16 inch diameter stainless steel, it's instantly cooled to a more appropriate and delicious serving temperature. This 16 quart jockey … Continue reading Featured Item: 16 Quart Jockey Box