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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Books!

I mean, if you're going to study something... Might as well get some beer out of it! Check out our selection of homebrewing books (Apple not included 🙂


New in Stock!

Anvil Brewing Equipment Anvil Brewing Equipment’s 10 gal kettles are as durable as they get. This rugged kettle is constructed from high quality materials and designed for a lifetime of demanding use. Includes clad bottom, etched level graduations, thermometer, valve, and dip tube. $324.00     The Anvil Brewing Equipment burner is powerful, quiet, efficient, … Continue reading New in Stock!

New in Stock

Looking for Father's Day gift ideas? We have some new stock that might do the trick! Stainless Steel Growlers (64oz) - $29 Barley's now carries 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks ($50) in addition to 2L ($25), 1L ($15) and 250ml ($6.90) We're stocked up with some new books, including "Malt - A Practical Guide from Field to … Continue reading New in Stock

BYO: Brew Your Own

"Brew Your Own", The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine is now for sale at Barley's ($5.99). The current edition features "Hard Cider Made Easy", "Build Your Own Carboy Cleaner" and, as always, tons of recipes and information on homebrewing.A number of special BYO issues are also available including:Beginners GuideGuide to Kegging25 Great Homebrew ProjectsHop Lover's Guide30 … Continue reading BYO: Brew Your Own

Heather Ale (Fraoch Ale)

Heather, first used in mead, became a common ingredient in beer throughout much of Europe. In fact, fermented heather is considered to be the first fermented beverage in the British Isles, dating back to 2000 B.C.E. In Pictish society, it is believed that only chiefs were allowed to brew heather ale, which was used for … Continue reading Heather Ale (Fraoch Ale)