CannaBeer Competition

How long will it be until we see some commercially produced Cannabis-beer for sale in Canada? The race is on! And, as always, I expect homebrewers will lead the way in craft beer innovation. Any thoughts on combining your favourite herb (or maybe second to its cousin, Hops) with your favourite beverage? Dry-budding? Are we looking … Continue reading CannaBeer Competition


Featured Item

Chugger Pumps The leading choice for fluid transfer in the home brew industry. The CHUGGER PUMP Stainless Steel Center Pump 115V and The CHUGGER PUMP Stainless Steel Inline Pump 115V are homebrew beer pumps, typically used to transfer hot and/or cold liquids between brewing vessels. No need to construct a vertical brewing stand if you have a pump doing … Continue reading Featured Item

Mash King Brew Pot

Featured Item: 10 Gallon”Mash King” Stainless Steel Pot

These 10 Gallon heavy duty stainless steel kettles with tri-clad bottom include a three-piece ball valve and thermometer. They're perfect for brewing 23 L (6 US Gallon) all grain batches. We have just reduced the price from $219 to $199!

10 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle

Featured Item: 10.5 Gallon Kettle

10.5 Gallon Heavy Duty SS Pot W / Valve & Thermometer Thermometer and valve included Internal gallon marking Heavy duty 201 stainless steel construction Sturdy handles included Lid included Diameter: 14in (35cm) Height: 16.5in (42cm) Wall thickness: 0.04in (1mm) Bottom thickness: 0.2in (5mm) 3-ply bottom Capacity : 40L - 10.5gal - 42qt

SS Brew Tech Kettle

Featured Item: Ss Brewtech 10 Gallon Kettle

Ss Brewtech 10 Gallon Kettle What really sets this boil kettle apart from the rest is the first ever integrated trub dam and pick-up tube assembly that was designed into the back of the 304 Ss 1/2" ball valve (3pc). It will help you pull off a more efficient whirlpool before transferring wort out to … Continue reading Featured Item: Ss Brewtech 10 Gallon Kettle