New: Anvil Forge Burners

The new Forge Burner from Anvil Brewing is an updated and redesigned version of the original model. With the heat output boosted up to 72,000 BTU/Hr, the Forge burner will have no problem bringing standard sized or even double sized batches to a boil. It's powerful, efficient, and fast! And it's available for the same great … Continue reading New: Anvil Forge Burners

Blichmann Burner

New: Blichmann HellFire Burners

HellFire has arrived! These innovative new burners from Blichmann Engineering offer the best of both worlds. Use the high efficiency 80,000 BTU mode to get the most out of your propane whilst still heating up to 20 gallons. Or use the fuel boost option, cranking the BTU output up to 140,000 to shave some minutes … Continue reading New: Blichmann HellFire Burners

New in Stock!

Anvil Brewing Equipment Anvil Brewing Equipment’s 10 gal kettles are as durable as they get. This rugged kettle is constructed from high quality materials and designed for a lifetime of demanding use. Includes clad bottom, etched level graduations, thermometer, valve, and dip tube. $324.00     The Anvil Brewing Equipment burner is powerful, quiet, efficient, … Continue reading New in Stock!

Blichmann Engineering

New. Shiny. Sexy. Blichmann Now in stock from Blichmann Engineering: BeerGun Bottle Fillers $89 HopBlockers $69 HopRocket hop back/ in line infuser $140 TopTier floor standing propane burner $170 AutoSparge sparge arm $79 Therminator plate wort chiller $224

New Stuff!

Brand new 5 gallon AEB kegs (Made in Italy) are back in stock at Barley's Homebrewing Supplies. This is a high quality keg with a dual rubber handle. Also available in a 3 gallon size. Summer is here and it's time to take it outside. Check out the Camp Chef propane cooker with 60,000 BTU/hr … Continue reading New Stuff!

Blichmann Engineering

Over the next few weeks, Barley's Homebrewing Supplies will be putting together an order from Blichmann Engineering. Please take a minute to review the Blichmann website and let me know if you are interested in taking advantage of competitive pricing for any of their products. Contact me directly ( for pricing inquiries and place your order … Continue reading Blichmann Engineering

Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4

New In-Store: The Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4 $145 This 10 inch cast iron propane burner has a 16x16 inch cooking surface and comes with a 30-PSI adjustable regulator. It can support a pot up to 100 Qt (95 L / 25 US Gallon) and emits an impressive 210,000 BTUs (minimum!). That's a lot of … Continue reading Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4