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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Books!

I mean, if you're going to study something... Might as well get some beer out of it! Check out our selection of homebrewing books (Apple not included 🙂


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday June 19th! Looking for gift ideas? Here are a few new items in stock! And, yes, we sell Gift Certificates! Hand Made Maple Mash Paddles These handcrafted maple mash paddles are both beautiful and functional. They are 3 feet long. $55 Poster: Deconstructing Craft Beer This poster is … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Ideas

New in Stock

Looking for Father's Day gift ideas? We have some new stock that might do the trick! Stainless Steel Growlers (64oz) - $29 Barley's now carries 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks ($50) in addition to 2L ($25), 1L ($15) and 250ml ($6.90) We're stocked up with some new books, including "Malt - A Practical Guide from Field to … Continue reading New in Stock