Inkbird Controller

Featured Item: Inkbird Temperature Controller

The Inkbird dual stage temperature controller is easy to use and economical. It's perfect for home brewing. Control both heating and cooling, and set independent differentials for each to protect your heating and cooling devices. The Inkbird controller performs many of the same functions as the Ranco or Johnson but at a more affordable price, … Continue reading Featured Item: Inkbird Temperature Controller

FermWrap fermentation heater

Featured Item: FermWrap

Check out the FermWrap HERE Fermentation temperature is always important but now that we're entering the cooler months, many brewers will be looking for ways of keeping their fermenters warm. The FermWrap is a 40 watt heater spread over almost two square feet and provides gentle even heating. 115V. For best results, couple the FermWrap … Continue reading Featured Item: FermWrap

Some New Toys at Barley’s

The Brew Bucket: $265From Ss Brewing Technologies. This 6.95 gallon Stainless Steel fermenter has a conical base and it comes with a racking arm, ball valve assembly and #2 stopper for your airlock. It's stackable and easy to clean. The ball valve allows you to draw samples without needing a thief and simplifies racking.Stainless Steel … Continue reading Some New Toys at Barley’s

New Stuff!

Brand new 5 gallon AEB kegs (Made in Italy) are back in stock at Barley's Homebrewing Supplies. This is a high quality keg with a dual rubber handle. Also available in a 3 gallon size. Summer is here and it's time to take it outside. Check out the Camp Chef propane cooker with 60,000 BTU/hr … Continue reading New Stuff!