Imperial Corporate

New Imperial Yeast

New from Imperial Organic Yeast: A30 Corporate Available through August 2018, Corporate is a Pacific Northwest favorite and is an excellent choice when making hop-forward American style beers. It’s the go-to for Brut IPAs, due to its clean fermentation profile and accentuation of hop flavor and aroma. Middle of the road flocculation and fairly wide … Continue reading New Imperial Yeast


New at Barley’s: Imperial Yeast

I'm very excited to announce that Barley's Homebrewing Supplies now carries Imperial Organic Yeast! This is a liquid yeast product that's packaged in a can. Imperial Organic Yeast packs a full 200 Billion cells into each can, twice that of most competing liquid yeast manufacturers. That means, in most cases, a yeast starter will be … Continue reading New at Barley’s: Imperial Yeast