Used Corny Kegs

5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs

Used Ball lock Corny Keg Surplus! Looking to add more taps to your keg fridge? We're stocked up on used ball lock cornys and offering bulk discounts. 1 keg - $89 2 kegs - $84 each 4+ kegs - $79 each New to kegging? Check out our Keg Starter kit for $309 and say goodbye … Continue reading 5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs


Featured Item: 16 Quart Jockey Box

Want to bring your keg with you but need to keep it cold? The Jockey Box is the solution. Fill the cooler with ice water and as the beer is dispensed through 60 feet of 5/16 inch diameter stainless steel, it's instantly cooled to a more appropriate and delicious serving temperature. This 16 quart jockey … Continue reading Featured Item: 16 Quart Jockey Box

Used Corny Kegs

Used Ball Lock Keg Pre-Order SALE

We have an opportunity to save some money on used 5 gallon ball lock corny kegs and we're extending the savings to you! Better pricing is all about volume and, as you know, we don't have tons of space to store kegs at Barley's. So pre-order Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs from us … Continue reading Used Ball Lock Keg Pre-Order SALE

Corny Keg Sale

For many of us, the holiday season is all about spending time with family and reflecting upon the previous year. For others, it's all about SICK DEALS! This Saturday Dec 17th only, Barley's Homebrewing Supplies is offering 10% off Corny Kegs. This includes new and used Ball Lock kegs of all makes, models and sizes: … Continue reading Corny Keg Sale

Stainless Steel Ball Lock Disconnects

These liquid and gas ball lock disconnects are a stainless steel alternative to the typical plastic corny keg couplers . With the MFL threading, you'll just need 1/4" barbed swivels nuts to attach beer and gas line. $23 each. Available at Barley's.

Corny Keg Faucet Adapter

This adapter allows you to connect a faucet directly to an MFL (threaded) Ball Lock or Pin Lock Disconnect. It's a great solution for keg portability. Without restrictive flow from beer line, you'll need to take precautions to minimize foaming while you pour. Achieve an acceptable pour by turning the PSI way down (1 or … Continue reading Corny Keg Faucet Adapter