Grain Mill

Featured Item: Evil Twin Grain Mill

Save money on grain by purchasing in bulk! You'll just need your own grain mill. The Evil Twin 2-roller mill from the Vintage Shop is a great mill for the homebrewer and at an affordable price. (See in-store for bulk pricing on on grains). Check out the mill at


New Equipment in Stock

Two-Roller Grain Mills with hopper - $130   FastFerment 7.9 Gallon (30L) Conical Fermenter: Fermenter - $119 (Comes with two wall-mounts and mounting hardware) Optional Add-ons: Stand - $41 Carrying Strap - $18   FastRack Stackable Bottle Drainers (For 355 ml Beer Bottles): Rack - $15 Tray - $10   Counterflow Wort Chiller (25 ft) … Continue reading New Equipment in Stock

Didn’t we used to have a bike?

  Grain Mill: Level Up! Over the last 2 years, our pedal-powered grain mill has brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces but now we're taking a technological leap forward for the sake of progress and efficiency. Goodbye, Graincycle. You will be missed. But this bad-ass motorized mill comes just in time … Continue reading Didn’t we used to have a bike?