Used Corny Kegs

5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs

Used Ball lock Corny Keg Surplus! Looking to add more taps to your keg fridge? We're stocked up on used ball lock cornys and offering bulk discounts. 1 keg - $89 2 kegs - $84 each 4+ kegs - $79 each New to kegging? Check out our Keg Starter kit for $309 and say goodbye … Continue reading 5 Gallon Used Corny Kegs

Used Corny Kegs

Used Ball Lock Keg Pre-Order SALE

We have an opportunity to save some money on used 5 gallon ball lock corny kegs and we're extending the savings to you! Better pricing is all about volume and, as you know, we don't have tons of space to store kegs at Barley's. So pre-order Used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs from us … Continue reading Used Ball Lock Keg Pre-Order SALE

Winter Ales

What are you brewing for the winter season? Chocolate Stout? Vanilla Bourbon Porter? We've got you covered. Barley's Homebrewing Supplies is gearing up for the winter brewing season. Vanilla Beans and Cocoa Nibs are now priced lower! Vanilla Beans (x 4 beans): $4.00 Cocoa Nibs (100 g): $4.25 Also available for your winter seasonal brewing … Continue reading Winter Ales

Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4

New In-Store: The Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4 $145 This 10 inch cast iron propane burner has a 16x16 inch cooking surface and comes with a 30-PSI adjustable regulator. It can support a pot up to 100 Qt (95 L / 25 US Gallon) and emits an impressive 210,000 BTUs (minimum!). That's a lot of … Continue reading Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker KAB4

Hop Profile: Falconer’s Flight

Falconer's Flight is not a new hop variety but, rather, it is a proprietary hop blend owned by Hop Union. It's named after the late Glen Hay Falconer, an avid homebrewer and brewmaster at such breweries as Steelhead and Wild Duck. Falconer's Flight is described as having tropical, floral, lemon and grapefruit characteristics. According to … Continue reading Hop Profile: Falconer’s Flight

Malt Profile: CARAFA Special II

So what's CARAFA Special II, other than "Now available at Barley's"? Allow me to explain. What's CARAFA?: CARAFA is a proprietary name that Weyermann, a German maltster, gives to their chocolate roasted malt. What makes it Special?: The CARAFA Special line is made from dehusked barley. This is also known as "debittered". By removing the … Continue reading Malt Profile: CARAFA Special II